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798 Abbott Road, Buffalo, NY 14220

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I would highly recommend DGGT! 

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Thank you so much for loving our dogs as your own. — Pete & Sue D.

— Paul T.

Watching dogs for others is the ultimate vote of confidence from the
​owners and their dogs. DGGT is an asset to the community.    — Rick D.

doggie daycare and overnight boarding in south buffalo
doggie daycare and overnight boarding in south buffalo

My golden retriever has adopted DGGT overnight dog boarding in Buffalo as his second home — he LOVES it here!                               — Melissa B.


My dog had a great time. DGGT kept in contact with me with photos via text, and I was able to enjoy my vacation all the more without worrying about my furry little friend. Trust me, next time I go out of town I will be using DGGT!!!!            — Tasha W.

I heard about DGGT at a local dog park and it is wonderful. My lab, Grady, loves it there and jumps in every time we show up. There's always a good group of dogs because the customers are loyal. What else could you want? I'll never go to a kennel again.                                                   — Wes E.

doggie daycare and overnight boarding in south buffalo

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doggie daycare and overnight boarding in south buffalo

I was a neighbor for three years and trust DGGT fully with my dog. I know ​my little guy loves it because EVERY time we walked by the place, he darted for the stairs and wanted to go in to play and say hello.   — Julie N.

A great place, all around!                                        — Chrystine B.

DGGT has provided extended dog sitting for my chocolate lab on nearly a dozen occasions. I travel over 10 weeks out of the year, and unfortunately experienced several bad situations boarding my dog. It was only after I found DGGT that I was able to travel guilt-free with the knowledge that I had nothing to worry about. That feeling has no price tag.                                 — Patrick B.