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dog daycare and cage-free boarding in buffalo ny

How will my dog act after a day at DGGT?  He'll be happy and probably calmer than usual, since having other dogs around provides more day-long stimulation than most “only” dogs are used to. He may be too pooped to get off the couch!

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all dogs. But when some are extremely active and others are not, we may separate them by size, age, or temperament.

​​How do you administer corrections and avoid fights? We screen new
clients carefully to make sure they’ll get along with the rest of the pack, but
​that said, building good social skills is one reason dogs come to daycare. We always monitor play, positively reinforcing good behavior and discouraging naughtiness verbally and with body language. If play gets too rough, a time-out
​is taken by separating the dogs in different rooms.

​Can I visit DGGT before my dog comes to stay? ​A site visit is always a good idea, to make sure your dog does well with the rest of the pack and feels comfortable at DGGT. If you’re coming from out of town and a site visit isn’t possible, a detailed phone conversation will often suffice.

​​​​Don’t dogs need lots of space to run around? Dogs would rather interact with
​one another than run long distances, so they don't really need too much space. 
​DGGT has two large indoor rooms and a 1,000-square-foot yard — plenty for play!

Are the dogs supervised at all times? In the daytime, dogs are never left unsupervised. Overnight, they are crated, confined in one room, or allowed to roam indoors, depending on their age and behavior level and what they’re used to at home. There is always someone on the premises all night.

Is there a schedule of activities?  No. Dogs are free to play or nap as they please. They're let out for potty breaks every hour or so, particularly after play sessions, and are always supervised while outside.

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Are dogs separated by size? We encourage socialization between 

How are new dogs introduced?  Generally tails start wagging immediately and friendly play ensues shortly after the first sniff. But
​shy dogs and those not used to socializing may need more time and space to be alone. Since every dog is different, there is no one way to integrate them into the pack, but once they become comfortable, most dogs benefit tremendously from regular socialization.


​​​What kinds of dogs come to DGGT? We have everything from puppies to geriatrics. Their activity level is up to them; if they don’t want to play, they'll curl up quietly in a bed or on the couch. If they do want to play, they'll have plenty of company. Generally the dogs tend to be active for awhile, and then nap together for awhile before getting up and moving around again.

dog daycare and cage-free boarding in buffalo ny

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