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Doggone Great Time! Cage-free Dog Daycare.
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We're not like those big, chaotic, impersonal doggy daycares and kennels. We provide boutique, cage-free daycare and overnight dog boarding in South Buffalo so your dog can sniff, play, and socialize to his heart's content — both indoors and out! Our loving, personalized approach to caring for your best friend ​gives you the comfort and confidence of knowing he's safe and happy while you are at work or traveling.

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You want the best for your furry family member and we do too. We know your pup's name and personality, and we make sure she gets plenty of positive reinforcement and affection throughout her stay with us. When you return, you'll find a happy, stress-free pet who will be thrilled to see you!

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ABOUT - cage-free DOG daycare AND OVERNIGHT BOARDING in SOUTH buffalo